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I’m Danielle Press, a local photographer. In the last year, I’ve felt a calling to help the people of our community who are suffering through this pandemic, namely restaurant and bar owners and workers. Our community needs you, and I want to help lift you up.

I’m a person of limited funds, but I have some talent for photography and design, and if I’m going to be able to help anyone, it will be through art. This past fall, in two months, I conceived a dog calendar project, designed and shot it, sold them, and donated the entire proceeds to the SPCA of Anne Arundel County. I was able to give them $1500. I’m hoping to be able to do the same on an even bigger scale with this project.

The goal is to design and shoot a cookbook of local-to-Annapolis restaurants’ recipes, sell the books (I’m thinking both online and print) and donate the proceeds to a fund that was set up for restaurant owners and workers. It looks like Feed Anne Arundel is going to be the right place to donate!

What I’d need from you is a recipe. Something you sell at your restaurant that people could make at home – but not something that would convince them that they don’t need to go to you anymore. It’s a fine line, but I bet that there’s a dish or a side or a dessert or a drink that you could contribute. I’d love it if you’d make it and plate it for me to photograph, but if that can’t be done, I’m a confident enough cook that I think I could handle it. I’d also love a story to go with it – either about your place of business or about the dish itself.

If you’d like to contribute, I’d be honored to share your recipe in the book. This is for you because I don’t want to see you go down with this pandemic. I moved to the area three and a half years ago after my life blew up, and love what this town has meant for me. To be resurrected here with a second chapter was exactly what I needed, and what we all need is for Annapolis and the surrounding areas to retain our tasty, crabby, Old Bay-y, small platey, orange crushy, designer taco-y, fresh-fishy restaurants, and to try to keep the people who work in them from losing everything.

Thank you,




Danielle W. Press


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Caprese Salad II
Strawberry Cake
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